Adidas F50.6 Y3 Collection

These F50.6 Y3 collection has to be one of the coolest in footballboot history! Released in 2006 and designed by a Japanese artist Yohji Yamamoto. The collection includes 4 different national creatures of Japan mythologi Tiger, Dragon, Eagle and Wolf. The boots aren’t numbered but they known to be limited to 250 pairs each!

Which one do you choose?


Adidas F50.6 Y3 Yamamoto

The boots were designed and produced back in 2006 by a Japanese designer Yoij Yamamoto! There is four different animals Tiger, Dragon, Hawk and Wolf. They are also designed more to casual wear, instead of studs they are applied with a rubber street-kit. There is 250 pairs of each worldwide. They are more of an artoiece for me than footballboots.



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