Here is a list of boots I currently sell!

-Nike Mercurial Vapor III Fg 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu, 9.5/10 Price: 150£+shipping

-Nike Mercurial Superfly II Fg Safari 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu, 9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Precision I Fg 6.5uk 7us 40eu, 9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike T90 III Fg 9.5uk 10.5us 44.5eu, 9.8/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Adidas F50.6 Tunit Sg 9.5uk 10us 44eu, 9.9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Pulse Sg 8.5uk 9us 8.5eu, 9.5/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Absolute Sg 10uk 10.5us 44.5eu, 9.5/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike T90 Laser Fg 8uk 9us 42.5eu, 9.5/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike T90 Laser IV Fg 8uk 9us 42.5eu, 9.9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike Tiempo Air Legend II Fg blackout8uk 9us 42.5eu, 8/10 Price: 60£+shipping

-Adidas F50+ Sg 9uk 9.5us 43.5eu, 8/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Nike Mercurial Vapor X Sg-Pro 9uk 10us 44eu, 9.5/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Fg orange 7uk 8us 41eu, 9/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Nike Tiempo Zoom Air Fg 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu, 9/10 Price: 50£+shipping

-Nike T90 Supremacy Fg 6uk 7us 40eu, 9/10 Price: 40£+shipping

If you are interested in any please mail me at:

Adidas Predator Pulse Sg “Made in Germany”

Finally found myself a pair of Adidas Predator Pulse Sg that fulfill the criterias:

– “Made in Germany” ✅

– Release colourway ✅

– In Soft Ground soleplate ✅

A big BONUS is that they are also matchworn by Rio Mavuba, captain of LOSC Lille 🙌🏻

These boots were really hard to find, actually it took me 3 years! The feeling when you accomplish something is always great!


All these for immidiate sale:
-Nike Mercurial Vapor III Fg “brazil” 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu
Price: 120£+shipping


 -BN Nike Mercurial Vapor V Fg 7.5uk 8.5us 42eu
Price: 80£+shipping

-Adidas F50+ Spiderweb Sg 8uk 8.5us 42eu
Price: 80£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Pulse Sg 8uk 8.5us 42eu, 8.5/10
Price: 60£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Powerswerve Fg 8.5uk 9us 42 2/3eu, 8/10
Price: 60£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Powerswerve Sg 8uk 8.5us 42eu, 9/10
Price: 60£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Precision II Sg 8uk 8.5us 42eu, 9.5/10
Price: 120£+shipping

-BN Adidas Samba Primeknit Replica 9uk 9.5us 43.5eu
Price: 80£+shipping


Message me or mail me:
Offers welcome!

Adidas Predator Aveiro Sg

New addition! Adidas Predator Aveiro Sg, these were released alongside Predator Pulse in 2004 and they were a cheaper option compared to Predator Pulse! This model were also used by many proffesional women players. Look at the leather, it’s amazing!

Might be better looking than Pulse? 


Adidas Predator Pulse

Adidas Predator Pulse was first introdused before the Euro 2004. It was the first Predator to have the Power Pulse System, this system was made to give a more powerful shot on goal by adding an extra 40g to the soleplate. A great boot but was it as good as previous Predator Mania?


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