Nike vs. Adidas

So a big question in todays football boot world is which knitted boot to choose? Nike Magista Obra “BHM” vs. Adidas Ace16+ PureControl? Definitely some of the top range boots out there!

Both of the boots feel comfortable and look really cool on foot. Nike uses laces and Adidas goes laceless. 

I asked the same question on my InstGram: @toffem as result I had 12 of 17 people who answered choosing Nike Magista Obra “BHM” over the Adidas Ace16+ PureControl!

Both great boots and high innovation from both brands.

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Nike Magista Obra Fg BHM

“The Power of One”

Inspired by The Power of One the Magista Obra BHM is designed in honour of Black History Month. 

The boots are created with an African vision on mind. The different colours of the boot represents the varied colours of national flags from around the world.


There is total of 7 different colours in the woven upper, creating a symbiotic design. It’s almost as seeing the boot in different dimensions. 

There is also a variety of different patterns on the upper, like nets and stripes combined together. The boot represents African art with some football twist!


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