Nike Mercurial Vapor III

One of my favourite Nike Mercurial Vapor III colours the “Argon Blue”! Were looking for this colour for ages, and got hold of them from a friend of mine in Asia.

Pretty rare colourway here in Europe but I noticed they were more common in Asia and US, and I never seen this colour been released in my home country. So could be that they never had an official release in Europe?

9. Top10 Pickups of 2015

Top10 Pickups of 2015! #top10pickups 
9. Nike Mercurial Vapor III Fg “Argon blue”🔵 I had been looking for these for ages! These are hard to be find especially in Europe. 
I listed these as my 9th best pickup of the year not only as they rare but Nike Mercurial Vapor III is regarded by many as the best or most popular Vapor ever made by Nike 👏🏻
More boots to come 👍🏻


Nike Mercurial Vapor III “argon blue”

Definitely one of my favourite colours of the Nike Mercurial Vapor III generation. 

“One of the last Mercurial Vapor 3 colourways, but the Argon Blue boots seemed to give Ronaldo added powers as he dominated the Premier League in the run up to Xmas – perhaps most memorable for a strike against his old club Sporting in the Champions League”. 


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