Nike or Adidas?

This is an endless battle between two very succesfull sport brands! We all loved the old school Nike Mercurials and Adidas Predators. I have to admit that I gave up my hope sligthly with Adidas when they announced in 2014 that they would stop making Predator and F50… 

Nike continued strongly with developing the Mercurial range and also creating two new models Magista and Hypervenom. For me the new Mercurial Superfly V, Hypervenom Phantom III & Magista Obra II are one of the best boots Nike have produced in the last years! As I have been wearing Mercurial for most time of my career, I’m happy to see that they are developing the boots all the time.

If the years 2014-2015 were a slight dissapointment from Adidas then they really pushed up things in 2016! Some great boots as the Ace16+ PureControl with laceless technology and X16+ PureAgility to battle as a speed boot against Mercurial!

So both brands are once again seriously compeating of providing players with the best boot options! This is important as competition is the only way to improve your own products.

The past and present time!

Remember the past and look to the future!  
In 1994 the football world changed when Nike released Tiempo and Adidas released Predator. Before that Puma had basically ruled the football boot market. But Nike and Adidas made a great expression to both the players and audience in 1994 World Cup in USA. In final between Italy and Brazil most of the players wore the Nike Tiempo or Adidas Predator! (Nike Tiempo in the picture is a remake from 2009.)

 It’s 2016 and both brands doing strong having knitted boots on market! When the knitted boots came out in 2014 there was some positive and negative reaction, as always when something new appears. But still everyone of us were curious to test this new knitted material.

Adidas Primkenits

So wanted to take a picture with some of the Primeknits made by Adidas. I think the trend in football boots is going more and more to the knitted materials. It’s easy to shape, many color options, comfortable and relatively cheap to produce. I think most of us likes the knitted boots nowdays? 

So in this picture from the bottom to top:

  • Adidas Samba Primeknit, first ever knitted boot in Adidas football boot history. Released in 2014 alongside the World Cup in Rio. Only 150 pairs made globally!
  • Adidas Primeknit 2.0, the second generation of Primeknit. Released 2015 and limited to 10 000 pairs!
  • Adidas Ace16+ PureControl, the latest innovation from Adidas with knitted upper and laceless technology. Not a limited edition but sold out almost every where in couple of days!


Adidas Ace16+ PureControl

So about a month ago Adidas released the most innovative boot in Adidas football boots history, the Adidas Ace16+ PureControl with laceless technolog. 

Adidas is using something called “Techfit” which is basically an internal knit system that keeps the foot on place and stabile while been used. Also my pair is equipped with SG-soleplate that gives a better grip on rainy days.

The upper is primeknit which Adidas made to mould to the different shapes of feet. They made the boot to add comfort and creat stability although without laces. 

The collar is called Primecut, it’s a sock-like support to the ankle and connects to rest of the boot. Also you notice the loops on top of the sock, these are to help the user to put the boots on their feet.

My first impression was that the boot itself is good looking and comfortable on the foot. In the beginning I didin’t fancy the color but it grows on you by time! Adidas made an innotive boot but how many are gonna wear them for real or are they just a perfect show off? 😉

They were not a limited release but despite that they sold out almost every where in couple of days!

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