A small restoration spray paint can really bring your old boots back to life. But make sure to clean the boots very good before staring any restoration job!

For the best cleaning result you can easily use a nailpolish or any kind of aceton, but be careful of not using too much as it will remove the original colour.

So here is two of my recent pairs that have been restorepainted. Adidas Predator Accelerator Liga white and Adidas Predator Hysteria. The best material to restore paint is leather. Syntethic materials works but the colour will vanish quite fast…

The result can be almost like new boots! It’s definitely worth doing and saving some of your beloved boots!

Project À la @toffem!

So as you might seen on my InstaGram post I’m gonna have another project! 😎

The boots that are gonna be my project is the legendery Adidas Predator Precision Sg “Champions League” edition! I bought them for £50 and although they look really beat-up I think there is some potential left in them!

So my plan is to fully restore them and then play my final season game in them!

Obviously I need to begin with fully cleaning them. After that I need to reglue the soleplate in thosw places where it’s sligthly coming off, like in the toe area. Then they need a good new paintjob! 👌🏻

I will also add new laces to them! Then the final step is to replace the studs with new ones. As the studs are really worn down, all the way to the screw mechanism, this means that basically the only way to get them off is to saw them in half and brake them.

I’m looking forward to restoring them and hopefully to play the last game in them!

Stay tuned!

Adidas Predator Mania Sg “Blackout”Edition

Forget “Japan Blue Mania” for a moment and try to figure out which Mania could be even rarer? The answer for that question is revealed in this post!

Very rare Adidas Presator Mania Sg “Blackout” edition, I dare to say that they are the rarest Manias released for public. Don’t really know much about these boots as they that uncommon, but they are individually numbere in the heel. Left boot says 73 and right boot 33.

Some say that these boots were designed as early Mi-Adidas model. Some selected around the world were given a handful of all black numbered Manias, could be 1-100 pairs. So you couldn’t customize your own colours as you can these days but you could customize the fit and feel on the boots. 

Adidas took your measurements and the stiched numbers in the heel was somehow linked to size and widhts. Then the customer was free to try on which ever boot that suited best. After that the customer made an order and purchased a pair in the regular colourway but with own measurements. It might have cost you around 400€ in 2002 so they were really exclusive!

Thank you for reading!

Adidas F50.7 Tunit “Widefit”

Bought a new pair of boots that I haven’t seen before. A pair of Adidas F50.7 Tunit “WideFit”! The boots come with a special boot tag and a printed “WF” text on the boots innerlining and on the outsole of the boot.

Also it’s nice to see a brand new pair of these in box with 3 sets of studs (FG, HG and SG). They were made back in 2007 and they were a big hit back in the days! 

The red and white colour coulden’t be any better on these!

These boots are also for sale, 8.5uk 9us 42 2/3EU. Price: 110£+shipping.

Adidas Predator Touch Hg Japan version

Newest addition!

Honestly I have never seen a pair before, Adidas Predator Touch HG made in Japan 🇯🇵 They also brand new condition which is amazing as they were made in 1996-1997.

The leather and stiching really high quality, and another rarety about them is the Hard-Ground soleplate!

I bought them from another collector friend and they really are money well spent, as I dont think I will come across another pair in near future haha!

Also the boots are made for a Japanese football player “Sakata” with his name and number stiched onto the tongue of the boots. 

You can also spot a small text printed on the boot in gold colour saying “Predator LE”.

Thank you for reading and I will make a video of them later!

Adidas Predator Touch Fg

New addition!

And believe me these are rare as ****! 😂

Adidas Predator Touch Fg “Made in Germany” in red colourway, definitely one of the rarest Predators to find 🙌🏻

Hope there is some of you who can appriciate these boots high enough!

Also the boots are in excellent condition for their age and in good size 8uk. Spent around £150 which isn’t much for these kind of boots.

Adidas Predator Pulse Sg “Made in Germany”

Finally found myself a pair of Adidas Predator Pulse Sg that fulfill the criterias:

– “Made in Germany” ✅

– Release colourway ✅

– In Soft Ground soleplate ✅

A big BONUS is that they are also matchworn by Rio Mavuba, captain of LOSC Lille 🙌🏻

These boots were really hard to find, actually it took me 3 years! The feeling when you accomplish something is always great!

EURO boots!

The Euro 2016 has started and it’s time to look back at some old boots released during Euro’s! The old boots really bring back old memories and stories.

I have picked the following boots as they remind me of the Euros 1996-2012:

  • Adidas Predator Touch Fg 1996
  • Nike Mercurial Match Fg 2000
  • Adidas Predator Precision Sg 2000
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor II Fg 2004
  • Adidas Predator Pulse Sg 2004
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor SL Fg 2008
  • Adidas Predator Powerswerve Sg 2008
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Fg 2012

For me the favourite boots are the Adidas Predator Precision Sg from Euro 2000 in Netherlands and Nike Mercurial Vapor SL Fg from Euro 2008 in Austria & Switzerland!

Adidas Predator Accelerator Sg

Found the missing original studs for the Adidas Predator Accelerator Sg 😏 The search for old studs like these are difficult as they only made these between years 1998-2004. They made these Adidas screw in studs in grey, black and white. Every stud has two adidas logos on them. 

Only for some proffesionals sponsored by Adidas and “Made in Germany”! These might be the rarest Predators to be found, definitely one of the best looking.

I try to create different and unique pictures in every photoshoot, this time I tried to kind of copy an old Adidas advertisment. Haha hope you like it and yeah it’s me on the picture.

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