Adidas Ace16+ PureControl

So about a month ago Adidas released the most innovative boot in Adidas football boots history, the Adidas Ace16+ PureControl with laceless technolog. 

Adidas is using something called “Techfit” which is basically an internal knit system that keeps the foot on place and stabile while been used. Also my pair is equipped with SG-soleplate that gives a better grip on rainy days.

The upper is primeknit which Adidas made to mould to the different shapes of feet. They made the boot to add comfort and creat stability although without laces. 

The collar is called Primecut, it’s a sock-like support to the ankle and connects to rest of the boot. Also you notice the loops on top of the sock, these are to help the user to put the boots on their feet.

My first impression was that the boot itself is good looking and comfortable on the foot. In the beginning I didin’t fancy the color but it grows on you by time! Adidas made an innotive boot but how many are gonna wear them for real or are they just a perfect show off? šŸ˜‰

They were not a limited release but despite that they sold out almost every where in couple of days!

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